What's the process? What do I do for you?

  • Meet or communicate with you to discuss your needs.
  • Tour the property to perform a market analysis to determine rent and any needed work to make it rental ready.
  • Draw up a property management agreement.
  • Help you identify needed improvements.
  • Market your property online and within the real estate community with a complete listing, signage, and quality photography.
  • Show the property, screen qualified applicants, prepare, and deliver leases.
  • Photograph the property for condition, and prepare a walk-through report with tenants.
  • Collect and disburse rents and deposits.
  • Ensure the rental agreement is followed.
  • Arrange for tenants' maintenance and repairs.
  • Arrange quarterly property visits (two drive-by, two interior).
  • Provide regular financial reports to owners, and regular, clear communication to the satisfaction of all parties.


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