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Management with a personalized, customer service approach, and social responsibility is a good investment for everyone.

As a property manager, my first three goals are to protect your investment, increase returns, and provide quality housing. I do this through reducing costs and risk, and bringing people together to take care of your property.

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    Protect Your Investment

  • meticulous tenant screening and education
  • insurance requirements
  • maintenance plans
  • careful application of housing law
  • emergency planning
  • regular home inspections


    Increase Returns

  • market analysis
  • straightforward, inclusive pricing
  • comprehensive marketing
  • tenant retention
  • vacancy reduction
  • coordination between owners, manager, and vendors available
  • DIY options
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    Provide Quality Housing

  • home inspections before and during tenancies
  • safety and maintenance plans
  • fast repairs and good record keeping
  • always open to requests
  • tenant education


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