Home Care

Property maintenance and care is a joint responsibility between landlords and tenants. This is a summary of tenant responsibilities, and some helpful links.


Furnace Filters

Tenants are required to clean or change furnace filters every month or two, depending on the filter type.

Here is a guide.


Drain Care

If you have a slow drain, please use Zep or Biocare, or another enzymatic drain cleaner. If you have a clog, use a plunger, or call for trouble shooting. Drano damages drain pipes, and this can easily result in thousands of dollars in damage to a home, and a lot of inconvenience (For example, previous Drano use led to a leak inside a ceiling that revealed moldy asbestos, requiring a very expensive and time-consuming remediation. If you don't want contractors hanging out in your place all day, please don't use it. Tenants are responsible for damage due to use of caustic drain cleaners like Drano or LiquidPlumr.


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